Thursday, September 1, 2016

Join CSN AIGI Student Group now

The Fall recruitment campaign for CSN's Graphic Design Club {CSN AIGA Student Group}
is in progress.

Sabrina Weldy, AIGA Student Group President, said that she "would like to invite you to join our club! By doing so you will have access to student organized workshops, study groups, and meet ups."

"We are a casual club made up of students striving for a GRC Degree. We assist each other with assignments, give each other feedback and promote a positive growth experience here at CSN."

She boldly stated that "our members are more likely to end the school year with higher grades, more enriched with creativity, and possess a higher chance of finding work in the Graphic communication field. All it takes is your participation."
Signing up has no cost. However you are required to join AIGA Las Vegas (the “Parent” Organization of our club) in order to be considered a full member.

Non-AIGA Las Vegas members can still be apart of the student group and participate in all of the group's activities, but some events are Members Only and others may have higher costs to attend without membership.

If you have any issues with joining AIGA, or if the membership cost is an issue, please contact Sabrina on campus or by emailing her at

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