Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Layout & Typography Offered This Summer

Online • Summer • 8 Weeks

For those who like to get through GRC 104—Layout & Typography Fundamentals in a mere 8 weeks can take it this week.

Because of a snafu in the computer setup for the class, it has not been allowing students to sign up.

The call # is 50826. It begins on June 4, but the instructor will be contacting students (by phone or email) the week before so that they can "hit the ground running".

Course Information on how this class is conducted is found here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

CSN Senior Design Students Shows

VI Gallery Show Poster
Two shows touting the work of students from GRC 294 (Portfolio Preparation) and GRC 207 (Electronic Design) will be held on May 14 and May 17 respectively in Building C of the Las Vegas Design Center at the World Market Center.

Titled "The Persistence of Vision" that shows have been a semesterly event for the students of Dan McElhattan III.

These students are at the end of their program and are showing what they have learned and are able to do with design, layout, typography and technical software skills. Students are judged by local community members and will include design legend Mike Salisbury this time around.

After the judging each night, the friends and family of the featured artists will be able to view work from 9:00 to 10:00. Any students and the general public are also invited to attend then. The location of the Design Center is 495 S. Grand Central Parkway, Building C, #2203, Las Vegas. Light Appetizers and refreshments will be provided as well as live Jazz Music. And, of course, meet the artists.

Monday, May 14—GRC 294–Portfolio Prep
12 artists with Bio, Resume
On show: logo, stationery, leave-behinds and their portfolios
Included inside their portfolios are three pieces that were
selected by them to be the kind of design work they want to do.

They also were asked to develop an online social experience and
a web site; work on something unique that will make them stand out.

A portfolio is an extension of themselves. McElhattan said he pushes them to develop custom portfolio experiences or retool existing resources to showcase their strengths.

Thursday, May 17—GRC 207–Electronic Design
11 artists with poster
This class  named the event,  picked a theme and designed, illustrated, sculptured mixed media and created a poster to reflect the theme. They were pushed to their limits in type development, use of negative space, ability to create an original idea and final execution based on the message they will communicate.