Friday, April 30, 2010

Coupon Layout Designer Needed

If you are interested in designing ads for a bi-monthly 32-page start-up coupon magazine, contact José Guerra immediately. About 3 ads per page 6x10. Payment is per ad.

The first issue is targeted for either June 15 or July 4, so the need is immediate.

Eventually the publication will be monthly.

José Guerra • 702-574-6911 •

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two New [Advanced] Courses Offered Again

Time and Location TBA

Every business entity has a mark an identifier to instill a memorable transaction—a Brandmark?

This class will cover the differences between a lexicon, an avatar, a mark in identity creation. It is not a logo class.

The course is an exploration of identity from traditional type and marks into compositions that compel, communicate and stand out from the clutter of identity systems that are slowing becoming clip art in design and appearance.

Portfolio Accelerator and Job Preparation
Time and Location TBA

This course is GRC 294B, accelerated; not your typical portfolio prep class.

Students will explore what a really portfolio is supposed to be, learning vital tools and skills to accelerate their portfolio for a memorable, impressionable tool.

All will be required to explore options of manufacturing / developing their own custom vehicle to showcase their talents and create, design and establish key elements for them to go after their dream position or project

If you have any questions, contact Dan McElhattan at