Sunday, December 7, 2014

11th Semi-Annual CSN GRC Design Exhibit

The public is invited to view on Monday and Wednesday this week art and design work of students in the Graphic Communications Program at the College of Southern Nevada.

The exhibits for each night commence with Judging— by private invite only—from 6pm - 9pm; it is open to the public beginning at 9pm.

Students from Dan McElhattan's GRC 207 and GRC 294 classes will be exhibiting their work respectively on Monday, Dec. 8 and Wednesday, Dec. 11 at the Holsum Design Center, 241 W. Charleston, Suite 143.

On Monday, students in the GRC 294 (Portfolio Workshop) will be presenting a body of their work in portfolio style.

Twelve students will be showcasing their talents, skills, and custom made leave behinds and portfolios: Danial Adair, Shannon Bingham, Hannah Bolton, Joseph Dousharm, Rodolfo Gomez, Tayler Hensen, Alfi Huerta, Thomas La Plant, Victor Luu, Dora Santiago, Matthew Stevenson, and Angel Ulloa.

On Wednesday, students in the GRC 207 (Electronic Design) will be showing their interpretation of the "Oddity" show theme in poster format.

The 16 students who will be showing their posters are Shannon Bingham, Hannah Bolton, Alan Castellanos, Joseph Dousharm, Kris Dupaya, Zachary Dupaya, Rodolfo Gomez, Daryl John De Guzman, Julius Edward Neal Cunningham, Lizz Ochoa, Kultida Pamornboon, Julianna Russo, Dora Santiago, Avery Scott, Ma Tatsha, and Lue Xu.

The theme "Oddity" addresses "What makes each of us unique and yet connects us all is our rarity. We are at odds when faced with challenges of combining mere thoughts into visual constructs that require elicit response. To engage our creative design skills and oddity into a strategy, a message of cohesiveness and most times a form of transaction."

Poster design by Joseph Dousharm.
The winning poster design (to the right) used to publicize the event was produced by Joseph Dousharm.

This semester's show Gallery Exhibition is dedicated to CSN's Media Techchnologies' GRC Program.

The show is sponsored by Jeff Lapour of Lapour Partners,, Franklin Documents, George Harris of Mundo/Mingo Restaurants and Alien/Fubar Tequilia.

Additional credits: Curated Coordination: M3AD - Dan McElhattan III; Entertainment - Yvonne Silva; Location: LaPour - Holsum - Lisa Casteen; Food: Mundo, Mingo - George Harris ||; Printing and Production Support - Franklin Documents; Photography - Checko Salgado; Beverages: - Chris Hammond; Artiface || After Party.

Additional thanks go to Doug Bibo for his service and support;
Dan Reynolds, Daniel Wayne Sermon, Daniel Platzman, and Ben McKee for their constant inspiration, climb and contribution to artists everywhere.

And a special Thank You to all the professionals and invited guests who come to judge the event.