Saturday, February 9, 2013

Great Advice for Anyone

Thanks to a post by Richard Becker of AIGA Las Vegas, those who missed that organization's sponsored event featuring Debbie Millman can get filled in on the details of her message to the hundreds who attended.

Top Three Things Becker passed along as wisdom Ms. Millman—a writer, educator, artist, brand consultant, and radio show host— learned that she wished "she knew sooner than later":
  1. Never, ever give up on anything you want with all your heart.
  2. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t taking enough risks.
  3. Expect anything worthwhile to take more time than you think.
See his blog entry for all of the details

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GRC Courses Tutoring Available—Mon.–Thurs.

Students who would like some help with the work in their GRC course can take advantage of the opening of a Tutoring Lab, starting next week.

As of Feb. 11, Room 1722 in the Telecommunications Building on the Cheyenne Campus will be open for business. Tutors for GRC courses will be there Monday through Thursday, from 11:00am to 2:00pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Both Sandra Frate and Marco Ruiz, who have finished the GRC Program, are experienced with Adobe software and design. Sandra will have the earlier shift; Marco will be there in the evenings.

Whether you need a major sit-down with the tutor or just need to pop in for a quick question, take advantage of this opportunity. No appointment is needed.

The tutoring is especially targeting beginning students in GRC 103 and any others who are using Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign in completing projects for their classes.

If you need a quick critique, and some advice, Sandra and Marco are excellent resources.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Join Mailing Lists to Receive Notifications

The CSN Graphic Communications Program will be actively using several mailing lists for those interested in being notified of upcoming events, internship opportunities, and job offerings sent to the program.

In addition, Advisement lists are set up for those who wish to receive important information from the GRC Advisement Committee concerning your declared major / concentration.

Follow the Email Lists link on the GRC Home Page or go directly to

You can easily sign up there or by directly sending and email request below:

        GRC Events
  • Guest speakers
  • Tours
  • Contests
  • Announcements from employers
  • Hints on securing internships
  • Paid and volunteer opportunities
       Jobs & Projects
  • Part-time positions
  • Full-time openings from employers
  • Individual and team projects
  • Paid, Credit-Only, Experience
       GRC Advisement List
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Animation Design

Print / Web Graphic Designer

Steelman Partners, a local architecture, planning and design firm, is looking for a designer who is proficient in both print graphic design and web graphic design, with proven talent in each area.

Those who work for the firm put in long hours, but the creative content is super cool and consistently exciting. They produce casinos, resorts, hotels and all kinds of other entertainment architecture all over the world. Branding extends to the overall resort as well as the properties within. Everything from the logo to the video, to the web site to the environmental graphics... all up for collaboration and design with the team. Possibilities are endless and creativity is encouraged.

The print graphic design portion requires a working knowledge of these programs (in order of importance): 1. InDesign CS5 or CS6;  2. Photoshop;  3. Illustrator; 4. Acrobat Pro

The web graphic design portion requires a working knowledge of these languages/programs (in order of importance): 1. HTML;  2. CSS;  3. Wordpress; 4. Joomla; 5. PHP; 6. MySql; 7. Dreamweaver.

In addition, the person needs to be a sociable person, able to communicate easily with other staff members and clients.

Also our ideal person should be fluent in speaking and writing both English and Spanish. Proficient in Macintosh OS 10.6–10.8

This referral came through Dan McElhattan. Contact him with any questions.
 If you meet these qualification directly contact Lauren Brown

Recent GRC Students Design Exhibition Posters on Display

Posters from last semester's 7th CSN Design Exhibition are now on display in the Morse Arberry Jr. Telecommunications Building.
Following the exhibition's "Dirty" theme, the posters can be see in the north hall on the ground floor.
Not shown are the four select posters from the show whcih will be on display downtown at Art Squared, curated by Brett Sperry of Brett Wesley Gallery.

AIGA CSN Student Group Starting Up

CSN Graphic Communications Program is seeking this semester to start an AIGA Student Group.
Anyone interested in participating can learn more at
Contact GRC faculty Dan McElhattan or David L. Hardy for more information.

Advanced Student Design Show Posters

Posters from the 5th and 6th CSN Graphic Communications Student Advanced Design Show have been brought to campus and indefinitely posted on the walls in Room 1738 of the Telecommunications Building on the Cheyenne Campus.

In Room 1738, posters from ArtPhoria (CSN Design Exhibition 05), bottom, and The Persistence of Vision—VI (CSN Design Exhibition 06), top.

These posters represent the work of students during Spring and Fall 2012 in GRC 207, the advanced design course at CSN and provides some inspiration for students working on their Graphic Communications degrees.

GRC 207 is taught by Dan McElhattan III, who arranges the event each semester as part of the course work. Students take the responsibility of choosing the show's theme and each contribute a poster to the show. The theme for this show was The Persistence of Vision.