Thursday, September 27, 2012

Graphic Design Enter-level Position Available

Hospitality Company Seeking Graphic Designer

A leading, local hospitality firm has an entry-level graphic designer position it is seeking to fill. The work environment is fast-pasted; the individual will be hired to help create web materials and advertising materials.


Candidates must have a working understanding of layout, type and color, and is able to take instruction from a designer and create a complete layout, working proficiently in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Responsibilities also include producing final files to be sent to print or placed online.

Other duties include:
  • Basic knowledge of the printing process.
  • Able to communicate to outside vendors.
  • Able to communicate and work with a team of designers.
This is a full time in house position with a wage based on design knowledge and experience.

Lauren Hanley
The Light Group - Human Resources
O: 702.693.8300 M: 702.301.6746 
6268 S Rainbow Suite A110, NV 89118

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top CSN Design Student Posters On Display

Missed the CSN Design Event of Spring Semester:
the 6th Design Exhibition by students of the CSN Graphic Communications program?

Well, now on display on the Cheyenne Campus are the posters from that event, created by students of Dan McElhattan III's Electronic Design course. They were created by participants in the student show titled "Persistence of Vision — an Optical Representation of One's Inner Meaning or Significance."

Show Promo Poster by Brad Beard.
Held at the end of Spring Semester earlier this year (see May 6, 2012 post) in the world-class venue of the Las Vegas Design Center of the World Market Center, the show has been a semesterly event for McElhattan's GRC 207 class.

The students design and plan the show under McElhattan's watchful eye. They decide on the theme and choose from among their fellow student's work which poster will be used for the event's promotional poster. This show was represented by Brad Beard's artwork (see above).

McElhattan commented that the judges, selected from the local art and design community, were "blown away by the work" the students did. Some of them came up to him and said, "Dan, these are world class. These guys can right now get some serious work done. Now."
Referring to their statements, he said "that is a powerful thing." McElhattan told his students afterwards that they can start pitching themselves to large agencies and get some world-class work.

The tally of the judges showed a three-way tie for the "Most Memorable": Jared Williams, Siun Pak, and Brad Beard.

Jared Williams' poster proved to be the darling of the judges.
The "Judges' Choice" went to Jared Williams (see right).

At the end of the event, McElhattan commented to all in attendance on the work of the students. "Every single poster is absolutely unbelievable. They worked their butts off. Every single one of them is a winner in my eyes."

The event was catered and xylophone music was played by Pierre Dubé

The event was sponsored by CSN, M3AD (, Las Vegas Design Center, Lapour,  the, caper entertainment, Pierre Dubé.

Those who finished the course participated in the show are Bradley Beard, Omar Diaz, Tamara Favela, Sandra Frate,  Siun Pak, Daniela Torrico, Keith Widman, Jared Williams, and Ben Wolston

All 9 posters are on display in the northern hallway of the ground floor of the Telecommunications Building on the Cheyenne Campus. Follow the poster on the north end of the building's lobby.

View a Video of Student Show of the event.

Da Vinci tied to CSN Graphics Program

The current exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci on a limited engagement at The Venetian in Las Vegas through October 15 includes a piece of artwork of the Master and Genius of the Renaissance—newly unveiled to the world just 2 weeks ago—that has ties to the Graphic Communications Program at CSN.

Horse and Rider
That piece of artwork, a sculpture titled Horse and Rider, is being promoted with an identity created by CSN graphic communications instructor Dan McElhattan III and a website fashioned by CSN program graduate Danny Figueroa.

Web site developed by CSN grad/designer Danny Figuora.

This past summer, instructor McElhattan received the invitation of all invitations: to develop the visual identity of a work of art of a Legend, the Renaissance Man himself, Leonardo da Vinci.

While da Vinci is the master of many art forms—from paintings to sketches to encrypted notebooks that now command a price of over 30 million per book—his sculptures never came to fruition, until now.

Through Brand Ltd, Dan had the privilege and honor to meet the men behind one of the Greatest Discoveries in the Art World, a rare—and only surviving sculpture—made by da Vinci's hand.

Identity artwork created by Dan McElhattan III
"Nothing compares to designing an identity for “Horse and Rider,” the only existing sculpture crafted by the hand of Leonardo da Vinci himself!" McElhattan exclaims.

That identity was used to promote the world tour of the sculpture and is to be used in promote copies of the piece by Las Vegas' fine art dealer Art encounter.

The statue was first unveiled at a private gallery showing in Las Vegas, before it World Premiere in Los Angeles.

Taking on corporate identity for corporate America is day-to-day routine for McElhattan, who works for Brand Ltd in addition to teaching full-time at the College of Southern Nevada in North Las Vegas.

He has been challenged by projects from the likes of Bill Walters of Walters Golf; Arnold Palmer, Golf Legend; Wolfgang Puck, Celebrity Chef; and video gaming corporation Electronic Arts.

He has also developed packaging and identities for Cult Classics Blade Runner and Dune games for Westwood Studios, Coca-Cola, Mikasa Volleyballs, Urban Hip Hop Rap stars and the clothing line Billionaire Mafia. His experience and creative approach to everything he does played a critical role in his hiring as a design instructor on the Graphic Communications program at CSN in 2010.
CSN Graphic Communications instructor Michael Meagher with wife Christine attended the unveiling for the first time in Las Vegas at a by-invitation-only private showing of the statue in the gallery of Art encounter.
 —— - - - - ——- - - - ——

 The “Horse and Rider” story began in 1985, when four businessmen traveled to Switzerland to inquire about the purchase of a museum. During their visit, they were introduced to a centuries-old sculpture languishing in a vault, hand-carved from beeswax. The piece measured 10 inches high, 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. The sculpture depicted a warhorse and its distinguished rider…and was purported to be by da Vinci.

Intrigued, the men contacted Professor Carlo Pedretti, the world’s authority on the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to his status as Professor Emeritus of Art History and Italian Studies on Leonardo at UCLA, Professor Pedretti has written over 50 books and more than 700 scholarly articles and essays on the Master. On July 10th, 1985, following a thorough examination of the wax, Professor Pedretti stated, in a letter on UCLA stationery: “…this wax model is by Leonardo himself.”

Dubbing the work “Horse and Rider,” Professor Pedretti stated that the sculpture was “possibly an equestrian portrait of Charles d’Amboise.” D’Amboise, the French Governor of Milan, befriended Leonardo upon his arrival in Milan in 1508, and quickly became one of his greatest patrons. The resemblance between the sculpted rider and Andrea Solario’s portrait of Charles d’Amboise, housed in the Louvre and of the same period, is remarkable.

Based on their discussions with Professor Pedretti, the businessmen decided to make a mold from the delicate wax sculpture. (Over the centuries, the work had sustained damage to the arms of the rider and the legs of both rider and horse.) They then left Switzerland for New York City intending to make bronze sculptures from the mold and to market a limited edition. For financial or other reasons, this never took place. Today, the whereabouts of the original Leonardo da Vinci wax sculpture are unknown.

 —— - - - - ——- - - - ——

You can view the design elements and identity Dan created  at, a website created by Danny Figueroa, a former student of McElhattan's, who himself is an alumnus of CSN.