Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Semester 2012 Begins Degrees Consolidation

Starting Fall 2012, the five primary fields of study in the Computer Graphics Program were consolidated into four: Animation Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Web Design, and renamed from Graphic Technology to Graphic Communications.
This was an action based on the fact that all courses in the program have been carrying a GRC (for Graphic Communications) designation and so it was only natural to carry the name over to the degree and certificates offered.

Now there will be certificates (one-year program with only one General Education requirement) offered as follows:
  • Graphic Communications—Animation Design
  • Graphic Communications—Graphic Design
  • Graphic Communications—Multimedia Design
  • Graphic Communications—Web Design
In addition to the renaming of the certificates to match the new concentrations, two certificates are no long offered: Electronic Publishing and 2D Animation.

With the name change comes a consolidation of the three previous areas of emphasis (Computer Graphics Design, Multimedia Authoring, and Web Design) into one Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree with four concentrations shown above.

Here is the new degree sheet (pdf) that will apply to any student beginning the program.

Students with any questions about the change should contact one of the full-time faculty, preferably a faculty member in the area of their study.