Monday, December 12, 2011

Web Site Helper Needed

Dr. Dorothy, CSN Anthropology Professor, would like help time to time in managing her web site on African Anthropology that she wants developed for academic purposes.

She has a domain name and a web host, but needs someone to create a home page with links to the following sections:
  1. Biography & Heritage
  2. Teaching
  3. Research
  4. Publications
  5. Africa
  6. Magazine
  7. Students Corner
She would like the home page before the holidays.

Dr. Ukaegbu has the pictures for the home page but needs assistance in locating more free pictures on-line, scanning documents, arranging pictures, modifying autographs, and working with WordPress templates to design user-friendly colorful layouts that she can easily update later. She needs instruction on how to do this.

Payment is negotiable.

Contact Ed Kanet for more information. or 702-326-9240. She can be reached at 702-651-4575.

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